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Recruiting Equation.

As veterans of the insurance industry, we've seen first-hand the difficulties employers and candidates face in today's work environment.

Whether it's the sporadic hiring needs of brokers, or the unpredictability of professionals looking for career options, connecting candidates and employers at the right time has been hit and miss for decades.

Yet we knew there were opportunities everywhere in the industry-brokers that were desperate for good people and talented jobseekers who were looking for better job prospects.

This led us to one conclusion. It wasn't a problem with our industry; it was a problem with recruiting.

So we innovated using a proven model.

In The Insurance Industry.

Using the same network model that revolutionized the insurance industry more than 30 years ago, we developed a solution that bridged the divide between brokers and jobseekers at an unprecedented level.

We had one goal in mind-Total Access. A solution where employers and jobseekers had complete access to each other, without searching through piles of resumes or endless job postings.

But while provider networks streamlined bringing providers together with patients, would this same model work for the job industry?

The answer was yes. And it exceeded all of our expectations.

With Total Access, we not only solved the puzzle of uniting employers and jobseekers effectively, our real-time recruiting engine made the process faster and more intelligent than ever before.

But the solutions didn't end there.

In The Current Recruiter Model.

Let's face it-recruiters and job boards have served us well in many ways, but they haven't really evolved over the years. Outdated service models and legacy approaches just don't cut it in today's information-rich and fast-paced world.
Instead of reacting to the movements of jobseekers and employers, Total Access proactively monitors both sides of our growing network. This means employers always receive greater access to prequalified insurance professionals, and candidates will never have to search for a job again.

While Total Access started as a way to improve recruiting, it turned into a revolution.

Not only do jobseekers get free access to thousands of jobs with total anonymity, brokers get access to the best candidates and save up to 20% on annual recruiter fees. Today, thousands of brokers and insurance professionals have joined our network, allowing members to get the best job matches available in the insurance industry-in minutes rather than months.

And as we continue to grow, things are only going to get better.

Before Total Access, it was almost impossible to get an employee when you needed one, or a job when you wanted it. But now it's possible-and Total Access is set to change the recruiting game forever.

Where to Next?

Right now, we're shaking up recruiting in the insurance industry across the tri-state area. But that's only the beginning. We plan to offer Total Access across the nation, and expand the model to a range of top industries in the U.S.

This is how a revolution starts. It's how Total Access is changing the entire recruiting landscape.

Go ahead and reach out. We'd love to talk recruiting.